Ensuring Understanding

With the digital revolution comes some dramatic changes in communication. Besides the fact that it is easier now than ever to communicate, the way in which we do it has changed.  Not only have we shifted from pencil and paper to screens and keys, but the responsibility of ensuring understanding has shifted as well.  When newspapers were more popular than the internet, individuals would laugh at a writer who would misspell words, or could not effectively convey his/her message; the company who hired that individual would ultimately have to let that employee go.  In other words it was the creator of the content that was ultimately responsible for ensuring understanding. With the digital world, that seems to have changed.  Think of the last time you were chatting with someone on Facebook.  Your, and You’re are interchangeable, misspellings are common, and most of the time full sentences are simply too hard to type.  Rather, you rely on the consumer of your chat to discern what you mean when you say something like “your invitde 2nite!!” With the digital revolution, it seems as if the job of ensuring understanding has been shifted from the creator of the content, to the consumer of the content.


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