Podcasting + Blogging = Blogcasting.

My roommates and I have recently started a podcast using a blog. Because blogger uses rss feeds, it is easy to distribute your content to various devices using blogger.  Here is a link to a youtube video that shows you how to transform your blog into a podcast. I tried to use jing (a screen capture tool) to create my own instructional video on how to do this, but this video is much better than the one that I created, so I am referring it to you instead.

In addition to the hosting sites that the video mentioned there are several great options for file hosting.  Most podcasters use Liberated Syndication. Personally, our podcast uses Blue Host, and then Feedburner and Google Analytics to track our stats. Blue Host is only $7 a month, and it gives you unlimited storage space, and unlimited bandwith. I personally think it is the best hosting option for someone just getting into web hosting.   To learn more about our blogcast, check it out here: LoveBytes


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