The Amazon Kindle

I recently had the opportunity of borrowing my parents Amazon Kindle and giving it a go.  For those of you who don’t know, the Amazon Kindle is an E-book reader and I am already a huge fan. The interface is really easy to use and with almost no instruction I was immediately immersed in reading. Unlike normal books, the Kindle offers so many more features that simply make reading a book more enjoyable.  For example, if I don’t know the definition of a word, I can simply use the cursor to scroll to it and it will instantly give me a definition.  Also, I can electronically highlight quotes, and leave notes in sections of the book. I can then view all of my notes and highlights in the “Notes and Highlights” section of the Kindle.  It makes reading a book easy, and marking your favorite passages even easier.  Then, if I would like to share some of those quotes with my friends, in just a few clicks, I can post a quote from a book that I am reading directly to my Facebook.  No Wifi? No problem.  With FREE worldwide 3G access, I have yet to go to a place where I can’t download a book, or post my highlights.  One last feature that makes the Kindle truly awesome is the fact that it doesn’t tire out your eyes like a computer screen does.  It uses E-ink (which is a really fancy way of saying that the kindle screen mimics an actual page).  The only disadvantage I have run into is the fact that you can’t really let anyone borrow a book you have read on the Kindle without them borrowing the Kindle itself. But other than that, the Kindle is an amazing reading tool!

P.S. This is my first super-awesome post.  As to what that means, I have no idea.  But there was a little check box to the left of this that said “This post is super-awesome” so I checked it.  Therefore, this post is officially my first super-awesome post.


4 thoughts on “The Amazon Kindle

  1. The only thing that I thought I wouldn’t like about kindles is if my eyes would get tired from staring at screen so much . . . but it looks like that won’t even be an issue! Thanks for sharing! I got an email from Amazon today saying that they were selling refurbished kindles. . ..

  2. I’ve been looking at the Kindle too & have already expressed it as my Christmas wish list topper. I’m simply afraid that it will be outdated long before I really get to use it – & have it become an expensive paper-weight that I never use.

    Do you think it will be replaced by our cell phones (that can already do so many things)?! Or do you think it will be able to stand on its own?

  3. I honestly think that it will be able to stand on its own. Although cell phones are becoming more and more versatile, I would not want to read an entire book on a tiny screen. But I guess if you really wanted to, you can get a kindle app for both the iPhone and the Droid. As you read a book, the furthest page you have read syncs to your online account and you can access that page from any one of your devices. So, you can read part of a book on your kindle, and pick up where you left off on your phone.

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