Open Source vs. Open Information

Did you know that most banks use virtually open source encryption algorithms? Does that mean that your information is open and unsafe? Of course not. What this means is that the system used to encrypt your data that has been looked at and verified and by hundreds of eyes so that the system is bulletproof. Your computer and your bank’s server use that system to create a tunnel so the information you share remains hidden from prying eyes. So also was my suggestion with opening the government. I am not suggesting that we share secrets that could compromise national security, but rather we open the system up to the public so that hundreds of eyes can look at the process. Holes and flaws in the system can be seen and corrected, but the execution of the improved process would be left to those with authority in secrecy.


3 thoughts on “Open Source vs. Open Information

  1. I agree with your post about open source vs. open information. I don’t think that having a more open and transparent government leads directly to less safety for us as citizens. It is our government, we should be able to know what is going on and understand the legislation that they pass. We don’t have to know details of secret missions but we should be able to review the policy under which those missions are carried out.

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