Reflective Blog Post

In our Digital Civilization class, we have been performing digital literacy labs in order to help us become more literate in the digital world.  The labs we have performed have taken place in three categories of digital media; consuming digital media, creating digital media, and connecting to others through digital media.  At this point in the semester, our professors have asked us to reflect on what we have learned thus far by asking these three questions:

How has your digital literacy assisted your self-directed learning in the areas of this course? (consume)

My digital literacy has greatly been expanded in my ability to consume digital media. Since the class has started, I have learned to use browser extensions (for diigo and for downloading  YouTube videos). I have learned how to use feed readers (such as Google feed reader) that make it easy to follow the class blogs. I have also started using labels in my Gmail account that has helped me to organize my inbox and make it easy to find things. I have also gone out and tried things just for fun at times. For example, I now know how to manually subscribe to podcasts on my phone.  I have also been using analyzing tools to analyze the stats on my blog, and our podcasting blog. And now my favorite reading tool is the Amazon Kindle. Something that I may never have come into contact with if it weren’t for this class

How has your creation of blog posts and digital media impacted your learning? (create)

I would say that this is the area that excites me most about out class.  Since our class has started, I have expanded my knowledge of audio recording. I have improved the quality of the podcast that my roommates and I have been producing, as well as been able to more effectively edit the audio using sound editing programs.  I have also implemented a blog on our website using the wordpress engine.  We have also used twitter to connect to different podcasts. The nerd in me has also created a scenario for others to play in the Age of Empire II: The Conqueror’s game. But the main way that creating has helped me to expand my learning is because I have had to learn new programs and new ways to accomplish tasks

How have you connected with other class members and the general public in these areas? (connect)

Through this class, I have connected with two classmates in particular. Mike Lemmon, and Jeffery Whitlock. We connected over one of Mike Lemmon’s blog posts and had a really interesting discussion on Personal Learning Networks.  Since then, we have discussed various topics, and even given each other ideas on books to read.  Outside this class, I have created connections with people through Facebook, as well as twitter. One thing to note, is that my podcast, the LoveBytes Podcast has made connections to others using Twitter.


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