Social Book Club

Recently, I was involved into a book group. Each member of the group was assigned to gather a list of books on different topics and then we would come together and decide what book we were going to read. I was chosen to search out different books on the topic of Economics. Not surprisingly, I defaulted and looked up books by Adam Smith as he was the founder of modern Economics. My first choice was The Wealth of Nations. I had studied various sections out of the book and figured that it would be nice to actually read the legendary publication. One other book I searched out was The Theory of Moral Sentiments by the same author. This book particularly interested me because I was always taught that Economics was amoral, and it seemed interesting that the author of The Wealth of Nations would also publish a book discussing morals. Ultimately, the book our Group chose was The Wealth of Nations. It was only after we selected the book that I realized how large it was! I guess one downside to the Kindle is that it is difficult to really judge the length of a book just by picking up the device.
After we finished reading the book, we each chose to read up on a specific section of the book in order to gather for a group discussion. For convenience we got together on Skype, and attempted to use Call Graph to record our conversation. Unfortunately, for some reason only one of our microphones was working, and we tried to use the chat function on Skype in order to complete our discussion. After a while, I remembered that I had a Google Voice account and decided to see if I could record a conversation that way. I had one member of our group call our Google Voice number

(which was forwarded to my cell phone) and I conferenced in the other member of the group. Then, by pressing “4” on my cell phone keypad, Google Voice informed methat “This call is now being recorded” That call can be listened to here:


It was a great experience. This whole project helped me connect with a few members in our class, consume a book I would not normally read, and create an audio version of a book review.


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