Wolfram Alpha – The Computational Engine

Welcome to a computational engine.  Exactly like a search engine, but instead of searching for information, you can use it to solve problems. For example, it can show you a graph of the average mortgage interest rates in the US over the last couple of decades

Notice how it also shows you relevant information such as the max and the min of interest rates. (notice how the maximum interest rate was in 1981, which was caused by a forced recession created by the FED. If you are interested you can find out more here: The Early 1980’s recession). But this tool can do so much more than simply help create graphs and what not.  For example, it can help you do chemistry!  What if you need to know the Ksp of calcium carbonate?  Not a problem! In a few clicks of the mouse 

But the usability of Wolfram Alpha goes way beyond just that.  You can use it to compare stocks, calculate complicated math equations, even to calculate the average LDL cholesterol levels of US adult smokers (and yes, I did test that one).  Basically, if you need a problem solved.  Here is how you can “Google it”. Or,  perhaps “Alpha it” it is a more appropriate term.  If you are interested in learning more, here is a short video talking a bit more about the capability of Wolfram Alpha:


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