Reflective Blog Post

As I reflect on the work that I have done between my last evaluation and this evaluation I have to admit that I have done significantly less work.  Unfortunately, it seems as if I got caught up in the thick of thin things.  I have not posted on my blog nearly as much as I should have, and I haven’t been commenting on other’s blogs as much as I have in the past. I have had some legitimate reasons for not putting in enough as much time as I should, but I mostly I have just gotten lazy, at least with regards to posting on my blog.  I have been relatively active in going and doing digital literacy labs, but haven’t gotten around to posting on my blog about them. I will try and fix that problem, and post some of the labs that I have done.

With that being said, I still have been having a bit of a hard time figuring out what to post to on my blog.  I have no problem coming up with modern digital concepts on post about, but my main problem is coming up with historical information to post about. Perhaps I just don’t know exactly what kind of information to bring in.  I generally feel that if I simply expand on the class material that we have read about, that I am not introducing new information into the discussion, and therefore I am just repeating what everyone else will say on their blogs.  Perhaps I am wrong in this, but I one of the things that I would like to know about is what kind of historical information that you would like me to include on my blog.

Another question that I have is with regards to digital literacy labs. Generally, all the tools that I have used, I have been able to find YouTube videos on how to use the tools that I have been discovering, but am wondering if that is acceptable to post my digital literacy labs that way.

With all that being said, as somewhat of a preface to my reflective blog post, I do think that I have learned quite a bit between last evaluation and this evaluation.  I have posted some of the ways that I have connected with others.  I have begun to use Twitter for the podcast I am producing.  One day, we had another podcast begin to follow us on twitter (the Dating Digital Podcast). We re-followed them and began to exchange E-mails. Eventually we featured their podcast on their show, and they featured our podcast on their show. In that way, we have connected with another podcast.  Another way that I have connected is by using Google Voice.  For our podcast, we have created a Google Voice account that serves as our voicemail box that anyone can call and leave a voicemail.      One day, a Dating Coach named Jonathan called us, and wanted to get together to record a collaborative show.  In that way, we connected with him. Then we used Skype and a free program called CallGraph to record the call that we had with him.  Then we created two shows from that call that can be found Here: and Here:

Consuming is probably one of the ways that I have improved significantly as well. I have been using the blog post on breaking the Google and Wikipedia rut, and it has made it easier for me to sift through information on the internet.  For example, I have used Google blog search to find various blogs that relate to topics that we have been researching.  At one point, I also used this tool to connect with someone else.  I found a blog that discusses about the history of the Swahili language in movies.  Recently, Swahili was used in the movie the A-team.  The author of the blog had not yet seen the movie, and asked what the translation of the Swahili in the movie was.  I was able to comment, and give a rough translation of what was said.

With all that relatively related, but not directly related ranting, now I will get on to the assigned reflection portion of this blog post.

1 Historical Content

This is probably the area where I am struggling with the most. I am learning the basics, but I am not all that great at going out and finding my own sources on this.  I am currently trying to change this and am almost done with the book Frankenstein.  I have been fairly good at doing the lecture readings, and skimming Wikipedia articles that have to do with historical content that we are reading, but it is difficult for me to be motivated to search out historical content.  I am interested in science and technology, and honestly history is not all that exciting to me.  But if there is one area I will improve on between now and the end of the semester, it would be this area.

2. Computing Concepts and Digital Content

By far, this is the area that is my strength. I have no problem talking about digital culture, and how historical content has connected to digital content and so on and so forth.  A majority of the blog posts that I have written have been related to either Computing Concepts, Digital Content, or content that has to do with my major. It seems to be almost an innate talent of mine to be able to be thinking of digital connections and connections in the biology world to the subjects we were discussing in class.

3. Self-Directed Learning

Between October and today, I have done fairly well in doing my self-directed learning.  The most regular way that I have improved is by reading every day.  Reading has been something that I have struggled with. Generally, I do a pretty good job at reading for my classes, but educational personal reading just for the heck of it, I generally won’t do.  Recently, I have gotten a few classrooms in a book and have begun to learn the programs in the Adobe Master Collection. I am also reading books on the Kindle.  For some reason I find it easier to read books on the kindle. What I like most about it is the fact that you can try books before you buy them, and they recommend different books for you based on what you have read in the past. It makes it really easy to find new books, and not be disappointed by buying a book you are not interested in.


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