Review of Dave Potters Blog

I was assigned to read Dave Potter’s Blog.  As I was going through Dave’s blog, I found that had excellent posts about each of the areas that we are focusing on.

  1. Consume

In this post, Dave is reviewing a book that discusses how to win friends and influence people.  Obviously that means he has been reading outside of this class and therefore consuming content that he has found on his own.

  1. Create

This post is a great example of how he did a create lab.  To be more specific, he took a song and remixed it.  I really liked how he wasn’t only doing this project for a class, but he was doing it for his girlfriend (who was obviously outside of this course)

  1. Connect

I think that this is a really good post on how connecting can inadvertently come from creating. In this post, Dave created a prezi presentation on Oliver Twist.  He then used it to teach his roommates about Oliver Twist.  He therefore created a prezi presentation, and used that to connect with his roommates.

  1. Historical Content

in this post, Dave made good use of a library to actually go out and find books.  (I know it’s a digital civ class, but books are a good source of information too!) But he went out and found historical poetry and related it to the Romantic era.  Very good connection.

  1. Digital Concepts

Perhaps, this is the one area where the author of the blog is lacking. I couldn’t really find any posts that had to do with purley digital concepts besides Digital literacy labs. This post is probably the most relavent

  1. Self Directed Learning

Dave seems to be doing a great job of self directed learning.  There were several posts on his blog that started out with him saying something to the effect of “I was curious, so I began learning about…” It appears as if the posts that he makes are based on his own self directed learning

All in all, Dave Potter has a very good blog.  He addresses the aspects and learning outcomes of this class well. One of the only areas he could improve in is by writing more posts about the digital concepts we are learning about in the class.




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