Seeing that this blog post is about how I met the learning objectives in the course, I am going to simply use those learning objectives as an outline for this post.

  1. Students understand western civilization across general historical periods in terms of

I think that by far, this was my weakest area in the course.  Towards the end (after Dr. Burton had talked to me about it) I began to do quite a bit more work in this area. I read Frankenstein, and a book that was a biography on Picasso and Einstein. Ironically, the fact that I did very little blogging in October turned out to be a blessing. It allowed me to go back and do historical research on the topics that I had missed. I was far from perfect in this area, but I feel that if I did have more time to continue blogging for this course, I would focus more on the Historical Concepts.

  1. Students understand a set of basic computing concepts as well as characteristics of digital culture and can relate these both to history and to critical issues of the 21st century.

I don’t think that there is any question as to whether or not I did sufficient work in this area. Therefore I will not spend all that much time telling you what I did and did not do here.

  1. Students take control of and manage their own learning, in part by using the emerging media and communication tools to develop digital literacy in three areas:
  2. Consume
    Students independently and intelligently seek out, gather, filter, and qualify information sources. 

    1. Social Book Club
    2. The Amazon Kindle(video) The Amazon Kindle(text)
    3. Diigo (Although I don’t know if this counts)
    4. Wolfram Alpha – The Computational Engine
    5. Browser Extensions – YouTube Video Downloader

When it comes to consuming content. This course did not change significantly the way that I do things. There were a few tools I added to my repertoire. I now use Diigo quite often. I also use Google Blog Search.  For the duration of this course, I also used Evernote.  While I will continue to use Google Blog Search and Diigo, I will go back to using Microsoft Office OneNote.  The only drawback to OneNote, is that there is no application available on the iPhone or Android.   But this is also a good thing. I tend to use my phone to take notes in the spur of the moment. Therefore, I tend to forget that I have taken those notes.  If I use the Evernote app to take a note, then I must copy that note into OneNote in order for me to consider it a permanent note. This makes my mind think of this note twice, and I am more likely to remember it. Quizlet is another web service that I will defiantly continue using. In fact, I created a set of flashcards to be used for one of my classes that can be found here.

Creating digital content is simply what I love to do.  This can be seen on my blog, but mostly it can be seen just in the projects that I d0 on my own.  For example, a friend and I recently got together to record hymns. Here is a sample of what we posted. This is another area that I feel does not require much commentary by me.

I still have a long way to go in this area, and I still consider it my weakness. With that being said, this is an area where I really improved during the course of this semester.  Outside the scope of this course, I have been using a few tools to connect with individuals and organizations. Most of this connecting has been for the LoveBytes Podcast. We used Twitter to connect with the Dating Digital Podcast. And we used Google Voice to connect to a dating coach in Australia.  Recently, I have also created an account with Yahoo! Answers and have been answering individuals questions about dating as a way to get our podcast out there (in fact, one of my answers was chosen as the best answer! You can see that here)


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