About Me

In Swahili, the phrase Hakuna Shida means “no problem.” The more well known version of this phrase is “Hakuna Matata” and was made popular by the classic Disney movie The Lion King. While serving in the Kenya Nairobi Mission, I learned this valuable lesson.  While there are important things that we need to acomplish, honestly I shouldn’t have to stress about life. I should enjoy it. Most of what I choose to do in life I do because I want it to make my life more rewarding and enjoyable. I am an environmental science major. Although I do not consider myself the “hippi, go green, save the world” kind of environmental science guy, I do believe that the well being of the Earth is our responsibility. I personally would like to have a sustainable future, and in order to achieve that we must make some simple changes to our lifestyle.

LoveBytes.  But being single stinks more.  In order to help facilitate a better dating experience, my roommates and I have started the LoveBytes Podcast.  For more information, please visit our blog here: LoveBytes Podcast.

Another thing that I love doing is taking pictures. This specific picture was taken in Kenya, on the Maasai Mara.  Although I can take a good picture occasionally, I do not consider myself a photographer by any means.

I am absolutly passionate about BYU sports, specifically football and am celebrating BYU Football Independence Day from this day forward. Goodbye shackles and hello freedom!

Hakuna Shida.  No worries. It is a good motto to live by. It makes life that much more enjoyable. Work hard, play hard, and don’t stress.  Try it, you may enjoy it.


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